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This deathmatch-style board is part of the Unreal Badlands mod. This map is set in the Colorado rockies, with a serene and peaceful lake where geese fly high overhead. Hunt your prey through the forest, up into the abandoned cliffside village, but be careful about who's watching you!

This one is just plain beautiful, even though I can't help saying that while being slightly biased. It would definitely be the nicest-looking map I've done. The scene is the base of a cliff in Colorado. Geese fly lazily over the clear blue lake as you and your friends hunt each other through the woods and up on into the abandoned Indian cliff village.

The hauntingly captivating tribal flute music fills your ears as you climb the ladders into the huts. It would be far too easy to sit back and think you're touring on vacation, but the scuff of a heel in the dirt brings you back to reality. You're not alone out here!...

Honestly, this map was so much fun to work on! I pushed the engine to the limits and had to actually curb some of the beauty back, but it still shines. There are lots of opportunities for those who love to snipe, but there should be enough cover to duck and hide under, too.

Download Here

12/25/07: Note, I'll have to post a link to the Badlands mod... it seems the site is finally down for the count.

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MesaVerde definately must be back on UT2004 Lawdogs Mod......


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