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>> Thursday, January 23, 2003


[updated download links at bottom] When I became interested in Unreal Fortress, I thought up the idea that there should be things in the map that require help from other players to get past. I found another board that did this AFTER I created this one, and it was a lot of fun, but mine wound up less "dependent" upon team play as I'd wanted originally. At one time, you had to hold the bridges open for your teammates to cross the slime moat, for example. The only problem was that BOTS couldn't play this way - they're just not that smart. Anyway, the idea was refined, and I think the result became just as fun as I'd hoped.

I got sucked into
Unreal Fortress a while ago, and for many moons my co-workers and I played it over lunch break while. It's a very well done mod based on the Team Fortress mod for Half-Life. Since I was inspired, I created my own board, UNF-CTF-Teamwork, on which I really tried to stress players' working together. There were a lot of revisions for this one, and unfortunately some of my first ideas were removed because they just didn't work out in testing. But now I think it's fair to say that it's a very balanced board that does still require working together!

I'd like to take a moment to comment on the DESIGN of the board. This map was made with the intentions of not focusing on decorations, detail, etc. So I'll be the first one to say that yes, it's using default textures and it looks mostly plain, but the layout and playability of the board is what I was trying to focus on, so hopefully that is what will keep you playing it.

Note: This map was updated for the
Map Fortress mapping contest. The new version is definitely better, as it with simpler geometry the frame rate is better, and there is more architecture to provide hiding spots from the snipers. If you're specifically looking for UNF-CTF-Teamwork (the original), contact me.Download from UTMR (not this link) (Unreal Fortress version)


CTF-TeamEffort 3/28/03:

I removed all the Fortress-related pickups and replaced them with regular UT ones, so those who don't have Unreal Fortress can enjoy this as well.
Download from UnrealPlayground (not this link either, down further) (UT (non-Fortress) version)

Alternate from Winkyboy.com (UT (non-Fortress) version)


This is a rework of CTF-TeamEffort that I did with wHartHog's CTF server in mind. It takes TeamEffort to a new level - and hopefully pushes the envelope a little bit. The sky has been opened up to give the jets some playing room - though beware of the autocannons above the middle base! I've added some stationary, controllable cannons, and lots of other goodies.

There are jets and copters available now, and you'll need them -- the board is designed for 8-20 people, though if you get familiar with the board, you can make it a shorter run from end to end ;)  You'll want to proceed with backup, as there are certain spots in the map that things like air and sniper support will help greatly.

Special things to note!

  • Don't try to land in the mountains - one attempt will teach you that it's not allowed.
  • The buildings inside the middle base contain two buttons each. PRESS THEM.
  • Actually, the button on the top floor should be pressed and held down by a teammate.
  • Don't let the bots get control of an Apache. It seems to mess things up a bit
  • Just like in TeamEffort, you can blow things up! Shoot the walls and towers for exploding goodness.

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Can you destroy the trees?hrrm

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Huh - I guess I missed this yesterday when you, whoever you are Winks, posted it... Of course, I was lying in bed, sick, all day so that's my excuse. I saw you just posted the question in the Shoutbox, so I replied there, but I'll follow up here, too... I guess it would have been possible to make it so the trees fell over after getting enough damage, but they really wouldn't have been destroyable in any way that would really satisfy -- limitat


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