Series Review: Lost

>> Thursday, February 08, 2007

So, welcome back, Lost. You're looking pretty good. Where are your spoilers, for those who haven't watched you yet? Oh, here are a few...
While they didn't address the "whole mystery" of the island itself, it does feel like a satisfying serving of episodic questions and answers. What did we find last night? Brainwashing, a la Clockwork Orange... So what's with the that? I'm not sure the purpose behind that, but obviously Karl was a regular member of the Others and has at some point decided to leave. They really don't like letting anyone leave of their own accord.
A much-needed escape back to the original island... At one point while watching the show, I thought to myself, "If Sawyer and Kate don't get off this second island, that'll pretty much end it for me." Although I knew that they would, having seen clips of them chatting with everyone else again, it was still important for closure that they left in last night's episode.
The revelation that Ben is even more controlling than we might have thought... how many besides Juliet are being held on the island against their will? She definitely had a strong desire to leave the island, as evidenced in the way she helped Sawyer and Kate to escape. However, why she made Alex stay with her didn't make much sense. Juliet could have somehow claimed ignorance of her getting away. That Alex is Henry's daughter isn't so much of a suprise; obviously she would have grown up as someone's adopted daughter. But of course, that still doesn't explain why the Others wanted her in the first place.
Overall, a welcome step into a lengthy season finish. I'd like to know about the sky turning purple...


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