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>> Friday, February 23, 2007

Proving that no idea is unique, I stumbled across a site the concept of which I had thought up myself, a couple of months ago.  Zpeech aims to provide any website with a message board of their own.  I really like this concept because there have been numerous times when I've stumbled onto a company's product website that LACKS any real support by the company itself.  In cases like this, it would be especially nice to have message boards by default for which end-users can discuss (or complain about) a company's products, to the point of suggesting solutions to peoples' problems when the company itself can't seem to bother. However, Zpeech, in my opinion, isn't ready for prime time, because it's little more than a cross-platform, website-based chat engine.  Because of that, you can't categorize the site's discussion, so there go the hopes of talking about a specific aspect of the site in question.

Stepping back and going reflecting a little on the internet itself, it seems to me that there needs to be yet another overhaul in the way that people communicate with one another.  Perhaps a massive message board/forum could be built into the browser itself, thus unifying how and where people discuss things.  Perhaps not; it's quite a far-fetched idea, I suppose.  But as it stands, many people have blogs or accounts on "social network Z" or whatnot, but there is no way to harmonize the discussions and topics that are written and re-written hundreds of times across the lot of them.  Something should be done, but I'm not sure what. :)


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