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>> Friday, February 16, 2007

Along the lines of my recent synchronization chat, I have finally settled on using Yoono for my bookmark managing.  I do realize that Google bookmarks has something like (or perhaps exactly like) this, now, but I'm used to Yoono and it does everything automatically, or nearly so that I hardly notice the difference.

Yoono synchronizes your bookmarks to their server online.  Then, from any computer you work with, you can auto-synch your bookmarks (or Favorites, if you're working in IE).  It's almost entirely seemless; only once in a while do I find a popup from Yoono saying that I need to choose whether to merge or replace bookmarks.  Additionally, it comes with a StumbleUpon-like toolbar that will suggest a website that you don't currently have in your list, when you ask it to do so and tell it which site you want to find similar ones for.  I've used that a few times and found some fantastic resources out there.

Finally, it also lets you share your bookmarks rather easily; you can just give your bookmark URL on the Yoono homepage to someone else and they can browse around to their hearts desire.  If there are any bookmarks you want to keep private, you just mark those as non-synchronized and they will not be shared.  There's perhaps a lack of privacy in the sharing, sure, but I don't travel to sites I wouldn't want to share, anyway.


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