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>> Friday, February 09, 2007

Plaxo - I like it, even though it doesn't have the ability to synch with Gmail contacts*. Plaxo incorporates the Jajah plugin into Outlook that makes calling your own contacts super-lazy, er, super-easy. I like that. It annoys me that in order to remove duplicate contact entries in their database, you have to subscribe to their Platinum service, but I suppose they want to make some money, somehow.

* Synching with Gmail: Nothing has that (yet?) because it's a problem with Google's API for Gmail. (I tried setting that up once, as I found some website claiming to have done it. Looks like they did, and I almost had it working, but it's SUCH a pain that it's not worth it. All I want is to store my contacts/calendar/tasks/notes locally on my computer using Outlook so that they can auto-synch to my PDA cellphone, and then something to synch to Gmail so that I can use all that online, anywhere, with sharing capabilities. We should already have this ability, don't you think?


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