Family: Putting the toddler to bed

>> Monday, July 30, 2007

Wow.  You miss their "window of tiredness" by even a few minutes and bedtime goes from minor complaints to screaming fits.  We put the daughter to bed at 9pm on Saturday night and 8pm on Sunday - Saturday she screamed the whole while I brushed her teeth, and on Sunday she complained for a moment but then was fully ready to jump in her PJ's and listen to the princess story about her.

She also insists on listening to her brother's heartbeat every night on the microphone-headset system that we have.  It's still pretty hard to hear the heartbeat because it IS just a public/commercial- quality headset (as opposed to medical-quality).  But it's nice to have.  She asks what her brother is doing almost every night when she goes to sleep and I tell her that he's probably brushing his teeth, too.  :)

On another topic, the daughter is in one of those stages where, if she gets her clothes even the slightest bit dirty or wet, she needs to make an entire wardrobe change. What's with that?  Her cousin does it, too.  Is this a characteristic of all toddlers?  A phase they all go through?  Strange.


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