LawDogs: LCF-RattlesnakeBend

>> Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rattlesnake Bend is a map that always seems to be lagging behind the mod's official release date, even though it's one of the more exceptional maps for its mod (in my humble opinion). It brings water into play in an essential manner; not only does your team have to cross the river, but the fighting takes place on, in, and above it. Both bases seem to have significant advantages over the other, creating a kind of uneven balance overall.

A new boat, the canoe, is introduced into the play with this map, essentially turning this into a VCTF board and are the tools for dominating the waterways. Each side has access to two canoes; the Outlaws have one equidistant to each "exit" of their base, and the Marshalls' canoes are off to one side so that one is close while the other is far. This slight speed advantage is because the Outlaws' base is really limited to two significant entrances.

The Outlaw base has direct and almost exclusive access to two and a half sniping positions on the "mountain" but these are balanced by the Marshall's quick-access or heavy-cover sniping spots that face these. Each side also has a semi-stationary Gatling gun on the upstream side of their flag run for increasing cover while your teammates return the flag. As of this writing there is no current in the water, but this is planned for a future release.


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