UT2004: SeaBass Notes

>> Thursday, July 19, 2007

Most of the work I put in last night on the SeaBass was to iron out the UV map on the main hull.  I didn't actually get around to painting much on it, except for some stripes and a couple of engine-type decals, but the main hull is nicely mapped out, now!  I'm experiencing some ISSUES with it actually in the game.  I took the previous photos while a bot was in the sub, and I thought it wasn't moving just because the bot wasn't moving it, but apparently it doesn't move AT ALL. 

Also, when I import the animations into UnrealEd, I'm finding a weird "won't save" bug that I think is caused by the fact that I have my UT2004 synched through FolderShare between a couple of computers.  Apparently, and I've found this happens with the user.ini file when change play preferences as well, the last-updated date doesn't change when UT2004 edits the INI file - or in the case of UnrealEd, the UKX file.  So, it saves an empty UKX file pretty much all the time.  I'm as of yet not phased by this because I really think it is just FolderShare screwing with me.  I'll just turn it off, next time.

Once I can actually import the skeleton properly - so that it matches the Shortfin, which I'm subclassing, then I think things'll start working correctly.


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