UT2004: SeaBass WIP photos

>> Monday, July 16, 2007

So, another one of the things I'm working on is expanding the UTNavy (aka UT2004Navy, UT2006Navy, wbNavy). I've got a map in progress that is really exciting; it's tenatively titled ONS-SEA-DeepSix and is an all-submarine Onslaught map that takes place in amongst giant underwater caverns. It's been built off of ONS-Ascendancy - I won't try to hide that and it will probably retain the same node layout, although perhaps with different linkups. However, it already looks significantly different. I've got permission to use resources from AS-Abyss-Lite and CTF-CBP2-Deep, which are excellent underwater maps by SpoonDog, so the theme should pull off quite easily.

Another way I'm looking to expand the SeaPack is by creating at least one all-new submarine! Check it out; here are some WIP photos for you. I haven't decided yet on its stats like health, speed, damage, etc. but I am sure of what I want it to do. It'll seat two and have a primary, forward facing turret for the passenger to shoot - probably some kind of charged harpoon-style weapon.

The driver will have control over the rear-launching URCHiN mine launcher (Underwater Robotic Complex-Homing Nuclear). I'm going to base these off of the spider mine and they'll hang in place like a web until an enemy approaches, whereupon they'll start homing in on them.

I seriously hope I'm building this one right... heh :P


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