UT2004: So, progress delayed again...

>> Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I haven't been working on any UT2004 stuff for a little while now - mostly, you can blame BioShock for totally sucking me in and MAKING me play it.  Also, however, the family situation at home makes this LAN party a non-probability.  So, I haven't been driven by a deadline either.



djbarney 5:04 PM  

Hello Winky Boy :)

I played Badlands when it first came out. I thought the voice acting was cool with all that "Were you born useless, or did you have to work at it?" sort of thing.

I managed to find the original website through archive.org as I did not have mod author info.

Just downloaded the snakebend map .. will tell you what I think if I have time.

Barney (UK)

djbarney 5:21 PM  

Managed to get the mutator to show up in the list (sorry did'nt try it). Couldn't work out how to load the map. No entry in the lists. Clicking on it doesn't work.



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