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>> Monday, November 12, 2007

It seems in general that the Daughter has become fussier since the Son was born.  She whines and cries when it's bed time, she complains when we have to leave the house - and complains when we have to go back home.  It's probably classic toddler reaction to a newborn, but it's so horribly OLD already.

Our son now fills the infant bathtub to a point where he can sit on his own (not that we let him) without falling over.  This is only weeks after his first bath.  If you want numbers, he's at 10.5 lbs, I believe, which is about 3 more than when he was born.  He fits rather nicely into the newborn outfit that was way too big just a couple of weeks ago, too.  No wonder they sleep so much - all that growing just wears them out!

We pushed our cookies application live just the other day.  It's actually just an update from a previous version, but it really does make a significant difference.  Feel free to send cookies around with - it's soft-launch for a few days so perhaps there'll be a bug or two, but it is publicly-accessible.


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