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>> Friday, November 16, 2007

In general, our Daughter seems to be fussier than she did before our Son was born, still, becoming upset whenever she is required to to anything.  This may just be part of being a child, of course, but I rather doubt it.

Meanwhile our son's behavior has taken a more active stance lately, and he seems to want to feed practically every hour, which of course is heavy burden on my wife.  I don't know what I can do about it; perhaps there's some book that will shed some light on the subject.

I'm still for all practicality no closer to shoving off and moving the family onto a boat than at any time before, sadly.  However I have been using To successfully remind myself to keep the goal actively in mind, and I have begun to contact organizations to find out how I might actually learn to sail.  I'm sure a boat is hardly a place for two small children, but I'm equally or more certain that its been done before.

Besides, American society on the average is not really somewhere I long to be - no offense to any of my friends, who I do in fact enjoy being with.  I go into "the public" and, judging books by their covers, I don't see anyone with whom I'd like my children hanging out with - and that goes doubly so for public, private, and church schools.

{started this on the bus - haven't had a chance to completely finish it yet.  More to come...}


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