Stressing Out

>> Friday, November 09, 2007

Well, stress got to me from all sides yesterday.  First off, I'm reading a couple of health books that have really opened my eyes to just how truly bad the food is that we eat, here.  And I'm not talking just Oversize Me here - it's about genetically modified foods, radiated foods, pesticide-laden foods, foods harvested too early and forced to ripen in storage via chemicals... Well, frankly that alone is enough to freak ME out. 

But then I came to the chapters about the medical industry, and how doctors and hospitals really don't exist to make people healthy, but only to treat the symptoms of their diseases.  Thus, they stay sick, continue buying medicines (DRUGS), and eventually die having given far too much money to the "health cartel".  This made me think of all the times I've been to the doctor. Most of the time, they've been USELESS: They use guilt and fear to convince patients they need such-and-such a test, and when the test is run it doesn't really tell the doctor anything they really needed to know. 

For example, ultrasounds.  Our son had two of them, and while I can see a little validation to give one time to prepare if the baby has a birth defect such as Downs Syndrome or a cleft palate, frankly, ultrasounds are POINTLESS and an easy way for the hospital to make a buck.  So what if they tell you how much the baby weighs or how long it is?  If one is a smart person and eats healthily, exercises moderately, and takes quality supplements, the odds of one's baby not being healthy are very low.  I gave in on the second ultrasound, for our son; it was done only about 2.5 weeks before he was born, and I absolutely regret it because it did, like I said, absolutely nothing to help him and everything to remove more money from our wallet.  Yay.

On top of all that, work was hectic-crazy yesterday with bugs popping up in the software, unexpectedly and at the last minute...


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