>> Friday, January 24, 2003

This is the first map I STARTED creating for the Badlands mod. That being said, there were a lot of changes that this map went through before it got to the point it's at. Actually, I'd given up on it twice before it finally took shape into a playable map. Now, it's my most favorite capture-the-flag map of the mod. Again, I'm biased, but that's not my fault;)
This is a massive Indian city set HIGH up on a cliff. The inspiration for this was Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde National Park. Although I recall fondly the Indian cliff dwelling boards in Outlaws, this was based on nothing from those settings. I've loved these kinds of Indian ruins ever since visiting the "Big House" in Arizona, a plains-based ancient mud village.

The sun sets in the distance and casts forbidding shadows all about the area, providing good cover for you to hide in. Despite being so huge, the sniping range is cut down by all the buildings, unless you dare risking the main haul.

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