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Trapped!! Mining for gold was a common career in the old West, and unfortunately Mother Earth doesn't always like people playing around where she doesn't expect them. The action is fast and furious in this small cave, but at least you have teammates to help you through it.

While one of my more quickly-built boards, I personally find this one very satisfying, especially in a local LAN game of about 6 people. This map came to be in an interesting fashion, too: I was assigned to fix problems in the map of another team member on the Badlands mod, Chino, because his computer crashed and he was no longer able to do so.

Frankly, I got carried away! Chino's map was a battle in an old mine, and I tried very, very hard to create an underground mine track with roller-coaster style mine carts. Sadly, this is (for the most part) beyond the abilities of the Unreal engine. There ARE ways of getting it done, but without significant coding, none of the methods are satisfactory.

That being said, I decided to "destroy" the mine track by caving in the arena it was in. However after talking about it with the team, I decided my addition should truly be a map of its own. Chino was fine with leaving it in, but it really did wind up being for the best, especially after I turned Cave-In into a Capture-the-Flag board. It's quick, it has moody lighting, and it's non-stop fun. A good work.

Once the Badlands mod is released, which should be a few days from this writing, you'll be able to test this level out for yourself. News Flash! Unreal Badlands is available, so this map is, too! Go download it!!

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I have to see this one on LawDogs Mod......heh heh heh


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