Just Add Jets

>> Monday, May 10, 2004

There are a few boards I stumbled across that I really enjoyed, and felt I could tweak to make a little bit better - so here they are. Note, all the original maps are also included in these zip files:

CTF: Metro StreetJets A modification of CTF-Metropolis][, This doubles the size of the map and adds Jets

CTF: Mattel Jets 2 More of a simplification of the Mattel Fighter Jets board, since this one already had jets to begin with.

CTF: LongSword Minor tweakings for smoother gameplay, including the addition of the sniper rifle. Based on CTF-LongRun

LavaGiant Jets Addition of jets to Lava Giant

Frogger Lite CTF-Frogger minus much of the unnecessary garbage that disturbed gameplay and framerate. It still needs a good machine to play

Jets Collection I simply added jets to the following boards: CTF-Bedrooms][, CTF-Kingdom, CTF-ProjectX, etc.


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