Family: Meals are planned by the parents, not the children

>> Friday, February 16, 2007

That's part of the basis for this blog entry I read, which goes into great detail although it uses some family-unfriendly language once in a while in order to do so.  I decided I'm not actually going to link to it because the emo-whiny attitude of the 30s-yr-old author is too negatively apparent in it.  But there are some good points nonetheless; in a nutshell she decries the do-everything-to-please-the-child methods of many modern parents.  I exhibit similar tendencies, sometimes, when I don't feel in the mood to put up with the tantrum, but fortunately for our family, we eat in a quite healthy fashion most of the time by default.  We do not even buy the sugary, pasty kiddie treats that make babies grow into picky, whiny adults.

That is where the problem is more easily solved; just don't purchase the offending foods in the first place; it's easier to not give the sugared cereal to your son or daughter when you have no choice in the matter.


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