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>> Sunday, February 04, 2007

Gamecrush lists some games that need sequels. I looked at this list and saw a bunch of games that I've never played (except of course for Double Dragon; everyone who's anyone has played that. Well, okay, you younger gamers out there have an excuse).

I especially want to try Psychonauts and Beyond Good and Evil. These two particularly caught my attention when they were first released, but like so many games, they fell victim to the onslaught of "other things to play" that is the rule of the day, nowadays. Back when Double Dragon was around (and earlier), everyone had a chance to play the best games, because there were just so many games to go around. But with the plethora of interesting things to try for the four main platforms, things just get lost.

Which isn't always a bad thing, though; now, you can spend far less of your dough on even the best games, as long as you wait a few months (or years, sometimes) and pick up your titles from the bargain/used bin. It's not all bad.


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