Series watch: Heroes, what you've been wanting.

>> Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This week's release was spot on, and here comes my thoughts, spoilers included. While yes, we saw the inevitable loss of life due to, and gain in power by, Skyler, and unfortunately Simone leaves the show... what didn't this episode have? Perhaps... perhaps it could have been better had Hiro and Ando been on-track for their storyline in the previous episode, but that's a minor compromise, considering that Hiro dumped Ando and is back on track, himself. He's finally wising up, and perhaps he'll soon realize he doesn't need a sidekick/partner, sword, or anything else to kick butt and take names. Get going, Hiro! Follow Peter's lead! On a side note, about this distraction storyline, I have no clue how Gustafson (the agent from whom Ando stole the bag) found AND knew that Hiro was in on the deal, but I'm willing to let that go because he's gone.

It looks like the tables have turned, finally, on all fronts with HRG, Claire's dad -- and it's about time. He and the Haitian are bested by Peter (woo hoo!) as he totally takes control of his powers... (Speaking of Peter, his role this week was probably the most satisfying, especially because we are given proof that Peter can now duplicate the powers that Skylar has stolen. That was something I was musing over the moment those two ran into each other.) Claire confronts him with the truth... AND he's cornered by this new "team" led by the introduction of Hana, the hacker-type hero.

Sweet stuff.


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