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>> Tuesday, February 13, 2007

While last week's offerings were really delicious, I left the Heroes table this week with some bad aftertaste.  "Run!" might have better been labeled, "Run through the plot holes!" as I felt there were some inconsistencies in the storyline.  First off, psycho-mom is just a lost cause.  I'm guessing that the writers perhaps wanted the viewers to feel some kind of empathy for one of the badguy characters, because that's all she's really turning out to be.  I'm personally still struggling to really figure out exactly what her power is.  They keep modifying its abilities as the show progresses.  Now, apparently, both sides of her personality can be physically present at one time, with no rationalization, as evidenced when Niki and Jessica were talking to each other in the stairwell.  Strange.

But worse than that, Jessica's motivations have now shifted 180 degrees with no justification at all.  Whereas originally she was doing whatever she could to protect her son, now she's just doing whatever she can... just because.  Looking between the lines, I suppose there was some way that Jessica could have somehow made a deal with Linderman to get her (Niki) out of jail, but frankly they should show that happening.  To not show it makes Jessica seem inconsistent.

And how could she possibly have tracked Matt and Linderman's ex-employee after having left the elevator? There is no way she could have known where they went; for all she knew, they were still inspecting the diamonds.  Weak.

I always enjoy seeing Missi Pyle in action, the role she played in Hiro and Ando's distraction seemed downright stupid.  Her plan of action to get this bag from the government agent is to sit and wait, crying, for someone to come along and help her ?  Again - weak.  And Ando's arguments of how his ideas are always deemed stupid while Hiro's aren't -- hold on, Hiro was trying to save Charlie's life .  How does that compare to stealing a bag?  Hiro should have dumped Ando the first time through Vegas.

And finally... that Sylar showed up in Manhattan at this next victim's house, after having been off in Texas trying to hunt down Claire... it seems ALSO weak.  Why would he give up trying to get Claire when she's right there?  MAYbe he felt threatened by the Kenyan guy, but wouldn't he just feel he'd found another target, instead?  Sylar doesn't seem to be the kind that feels any doubt in his abilities.

Overall, I felt this week's episode only hobbled along.


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