Series watch: Lost, on Fate

>> Thursday, February 15, 2007

Last night's episode, more than anything, says to me that the mystery behind the show is about manipulating fate.  We know that the Island experiments were set up in an attempt to change the numbers in hopes of saving the world.  Considering Desmond's supposed-yet-probable trip back in time, combined with the less-than-coincidental bus accident shown in Juliet's past, we can see that people ARE able to manipulate fate to some degree. 

Desmond left us while showing his current belief that fate cannot be changed; he thinks that no matter what he does, somehow Charlie is destined to die.  But let's think about this; the show has revealed that some know that the world is destined to be destroyed, right?  How is this show going to end?  Sure, it might end with everything being destroyed, but chances are that things will work out to be mostly happily ever after, otherwise you're going to wind up with huge masses of angry fans.  So, if the world can be saved, then Charlie can be saved.

Other than the polar bear painting in Penny's father's office, I think that about sums up the episode.  Not a whole lot revealed other than that yes, they can change things and make them right.


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