Family: Close call, only bruised

>> Wednesday, March 07, 2007

We had a close call last night with Leia.  While having dinner at a friend's house, as it was our friend's birthday and she likes to cook for people (she likes it too much, to the point of feeding you when you're not hungry.), our little girl was crawling under the table just as our host was sitting down.  I guess her chair tipped back enough for Leia's hand to slip under and she came down on Leia's wrist. 

It was a little weird; she didn't cry for a good while, so I wasn't sure anything had really happened, although I certainly felt it had.  It really didn't look good, and she wouldn't let us get any cold compress on it, what with the way she whipped it about.  Eventually, I took her to the bathroom to run some cold water over it, hoping obviously to keep the swelling down.   We still didn't know at this point whether anything had been broken, really, but it was starting to be obvious by the way she moved it all around that it was fine.

A few minutes later, she was again playing in the living room, and if anyone asked her how her owie was, she replied, "Nope.  We washed the owie away!"


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