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>> Friday, April 20, 2007

While fortunately I am re-establishing my summer routine of biking to get to thye  bus stop, thus coming about forty mintues of exercise into my daily routine and allowing me that mcu more time in the evening for other endeavors, it is frustrating ho quickly the free time disappears each day.

I was up until 2:00 AM last night - or this morning - because I resent being essentially alloted only four hours a day for my own purposes.  That, of course, is a vague approximation because it's probably a lot less than that once you factor in dinner time, chores, and most important of all, time with the wife and family.

It's not that I'm blaming work - the desk job - because frankly it's pleasant to work with the people I do and in the business I do (although I never hide the fact that I would always prefer to make games, of course).  I'm just thrashing against the way the world works for most of us; we're forced to be apart from our families and away from home in order to get by.

Last night, and this is somewhat an average occurance, I got home at six, and by the time I had unwound and finished dinner, it was about seven o'clock.  We drove to the grocery store, library, and video store and it was just after eight when we were done.  We put things away, poured some tea, and put the little one to bed, and another hour had disappeared.  After that my wife went to bed, herself, and I tinkered around with the computers, as I'm still setting up those new ones properly.  Well, okay, they are good enough to go, but stickler as I am, I want them just right.

Like I said before, it was 2:00 before I finally went to sleep.  All these modern conveniences and it's still like it's always been.


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