Family: Weekend Review

>> Monday, April 23, 2007

So, a pretty good weekend. Nothing, task-wise, was majorly accomplished, but I got a little bit of web work finished and now the direct family knows about the Baby. That reminds me that its probably time to send word out to the extended family, too. Only my one cousin knows about this blog so far, and I doubt if it's on her daily read list, as I'm pretty sure she has her hands full at the time being.

We had our regular family meeting on Saturday, although it was kind of a staggered approach, with bits of the family arriving and leaving at individual times, and not e veryone able to make it. I'm still glad were able to have the meetings, though. It's fantastic to be able to stay close to one's family - I can't imagine what it's like to be, I assume, like most of the country where families are spread across state and nation as soon as the children reach college age.

I was mostly out of it, Saturday afternoon, considering I had stayed up so late, so I crashed after everyone had finally left. The next day we went to see the Parents and, well, almost everyone else again, as we'd promised the Daughter she could go see the baby chicks and the horses. When we returned home, it was a little family time, a little work time, and then finally another late night crash into bed.

Heroes tonight!


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