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>> Friday, May 04, 2007

This was supposed to have been posted yesterday, or day before... Blogger didn't take my email, for some reason.

I bought the book yesterday and have gotten about 65 pages into it. As with most inspirational books, it is motivating, but I already sense that the author is saying,"cheat whenever you can get away with it" with the rationale that that is what the "New Rich" do to get ahead.

And technically, he also isn't so much cheating as he is bending the rules like wet noodles. Case in point, the author is very proud that he won the Chines(?) national kickboxing championship by consistently pushing opponents three classes his size out of the ring (having attained a class three sizes smaller by dehydrating for weigh-in, and re-hydrating before the fight.)

He essentially is telling us that by the rules, it's not cheating if you can attain the same results in a fraction of the time by doing things differently. I'm not done with the book yet but I'll drop back in here when I am.


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