How has being "realistic" or "responsible" kept me from the life I want?

>> Friday, May 04, 2007

This is based on part of the Four Hour Work Week book that I am reading:

Well, let's see...  First off, I'd like a life where I can put my family first before everything except God, one where I can do things for or with them without regard to the time or day, yet still have personal time left over to work on the hobbies that interest me, such as creating games, playing piano, or excercising.  Mind you, in an ideal world the excercise would be combined with the games.

Something is obviously keeping me from such an existence, otherwise I wouldn't be off to work more often than not; this time would be spent on the Daughter and the Wife.  Work is not what's perventing me. As it is the stopgap solution that allows me to pay the bills and continue existence as I know it.  So, if I didn't have bills would I be able to do all thr things I want?  Essentially.  Whether it is retroactive bills that support the purchases I have already made, or future purchases that reduce what income I have, I am inarguably living paycheck to paycheck, storing up for a future for which I don't possess a vision.  I'm just forging blimdly ahead.

The house I "own" is a MAJOR block that ties me down, after which comes the car I still owe on.  I think it would be fairly safe to say that if I didn't have those monthly payments to make, I could easily afford whatever life I so desired, for I do NOT desire a life of extravagant riches but only one of time and convenience.

Being "responsible" is what led me to buy this house, and I think that is what is really holding me back.  When it is profitable to sell it, then, I shall invesigate what I can do to remedy the situation.


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