What would you do if you could not fail?

>> Monday, May 07, 2007

More from the 4-Hour Work Week:

List up to five things you dream of having:
1. A house. Paid off.
2. A fully electric car that has the power to replace a regular car, paid off.
3. Organic Coffee shop. Owned, managed hands -off
4. Wind turbines and solar panels for the house (Also Debt Free)
5. Top-of-the line video card with projector and game- runner treadmill for exercise routine

And, up to five things you wish to be:
1. Well-versed in Bible topics
2. Finish my Russian so that I'm really fluent. Other languages: Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese
3. Physically fit
4. A great husband & father
5. Able to coach others on heathy living

Up to five things you wish to do :
1. Re-establish my education newsletter
2. Actually help out with the Ron Paul presidential candidacy, or get involved in politics in general
3. Visit all my relatives
4. Establish an exercise routine of at least One hour each day
5. Take an extended vacation in Hawaii
6. Bring my game idea to life


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