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>> Monday, June 11, 2007

My daughter has taken to saying, "Ee ee" for things.  No idea where this came from, and she doesn't do it all the time, but when locks in the mood, it's her favorite game.  You ask her a question, and "ee ee" is all you get in return, eveb when she very well does know the words to say.

Thinking about vocabulary, we were also reading a Russian vocabulary  book together, and I was so proud to see her flying through the pictures, identifying almost everything in both languages.  I keep telling everyone that she can speak both Russian and English equally, fearing that because we do speak often in Russian in our house that it might not be so, but it's quite a relief to see her really quite bilingual.  Amazingly intelligent.

We also found out this past week that the next little person joining our family will be a boy - so it turns out that Winkyboy 2.0 is on his way :) Now, this is really jumping the topic track a bit, or maybe it isn't  - whatever.  In raising a son, I have this strange worry that he's  going to be interested in sports.  Do sports-loving fathers worry their sons WON'T grow to love THEIR hobby?  I find sports, on the average, insulting to my intelligence.  Sure, good for the body if you aren't  breaking any bones, but intelligently lacking nonetheless.  I mean, it's the same thing over and over, almost exactly.  How can that be interesting?  But I suppose that's years off and up to himk, isn't  it?  Time will tell.


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