UT2004: Mapping results

>> Monday, June 11, 2007

So I'm making more maps for the SeaPack :)  Frustratingly, I still can't get the bots to play moderately well. I hope UT3 is easier to code the AI.  And a disclaimer: These new maps are still pirate edits of others' maps, so either I can't release them or have to wait for permission.  I think the edits I'm making should be positively received, so cross your fingers.

I've gotten Xilver's map to a much nicer place, I think.  I threw in more vehicles, and so cover on the beach and at sea, so that's cool.  I've also noticed VCTF-BeforeTheStorm by MastaKilla and I think it'd make a fun SeaPack map.  It's also got a new kind of jet embedded in the map!  The jet is overpowered, so I'll see about tweaking it down, some, but otherwise I just need to add ocean space for the sea vehicles, raise the between-island bridges a little bit, and maybe throw some identifier landmarks. (The map feels a bit easy to get confused in, considering that nearly all the terrain looks the same.)

I like this tweaking-other-maps strategy because it quickly inflates the maplist...  I've got a couple of really good ideas of my own, but finding the time is always the hard part, especially considering that I've got more important things that I NEED to be doing.


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