UT2004: Stretching long unused muscles...

>> Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It was the tiniest edit, but I actually got the UDE open and made a successful tweak to the SeaPack code, now! Awww, yeah. That's so good. I'm in the middle of a three-day conference (Flashbelt) so I'm away from the computer for the most part, lately, but I'm planning on getting back into the editing mode as I have time. And it seems to be happening more often because I've just got the editing bug again, I guess!

I also found a SCUBA gear that someone made, for AS-Abyss-Lite, an incredibly amazing assault map that I'm shocked and surprised that I missed. I'll have to contact the creator to see if I can include it - or at least parts of it which might make more sense(?) - in the SeaPack.

I want to create this SeaDoo Explorer as a main tool in playing any SeaPack level, because it really sucks to jump out of an exploding vehicle and find yourself floating in the middle of an ocean. More oft than not I just suicide and start over.

We had a LAN party this past weekend with 6-7 players attending. Gigglepuss tried to jump in online, but whether his kids got in the way or he just didn't have the right files, he kept bailing out. But overall it was pretty fun. We played a good lot of the SeaPack maps and my modified version of Xilver's BeachFront map was a solid favorite. It's such a nice, simple design - but his Fodder weapon really brought out the laughs. Quite a useful weapon, that! One of the edits that I did was to add a Dragonfly bomber to the arsenal, and it's essential once the other team starts flooding their beach with defenders.


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