Family: Whaat?

>> Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Did I mention this, yet?  I love it when my daughter (apparently echoing me) replies to a question or statement with her little almost-screech-like "Whaaat?!"  And she does it about three times in a row.  It's more exaggerated than I ever did it, so it makes me laugh or smile every single time.

She is the most imaginative little girl, too - every single playground comes complete with some kind of vehicle - boat, car, whatever - with which we use to drive somewhere - usually to California.  Now she's telling us to "buckle up!" every time we get in the "car" and she turns on the "radio" as we're driving.  Oh, and there's also a fully-stocked kitchen in every playground, too, and our little girl is a master chef, cooking everything from spaghetti and hot dogs to borscht.


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