Unreal: Little UT2004 progress this weekend

>> Monday, July 30, 2007

Hasn't been much progress in the UT2004 development (SeaPack, LawDogs, etc) this weekend because I was distracted with other things.  A friend of mine was in Target the other day and found two Wiis on the shelf, so knowing that I wanted one he picked it up and I paid him back.  I've got some other friends from whom I can borrow a couple of choice titles, and then there's the 1-per-month free coupon from Blockbuster that I can use for a game rental.  So, things are lined up for some Nintendo fun for a while here.

I actually want to use it to try out the Wii Workout concept.  I love the idea of exercising with game machines.  I'll start - tonight - posting results to the blog under the Wiicize: category.

Another thing that's distracting me is the Tactical Ops (Tacops) 2.20 map I'm working on. See, we play that version of TacOps while at work because it's the only game we have that both Macs and PCs can use (there's an additional limitation of some PCs not being good-enough quality to run more modern games).  This is just fine by me; I love the UT99 engine *and* I've got a few maps already created for it that never really got enough gameplay.  And, since we're playing it all together, the guys at the office have demanded someone - either Gigglepuss or myself - create our current office in-game for us to shoot up.  I've already got about 2/5 of the intended layout created, and about half of that is nicely decorated. It'll take me another week or so to finish it up, and I might try to convert some of my other maps to Tacops (since it's really so EASY), but after that the distraction will be gone and it's back to the SeaPack.


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