Movie: Stardust

>> Monday, August 13, 2007

The younger brother and his wife took us out to see a sneak preview of Stardust last Thursday, having won some tickets from the major radio station in town.  Apparently the time to win such call-in contests is at 2AM while you're canning  vegetables.

I knew absolutely nothing about the movie, and I have to say that I wish I could watch more movies under such circumstances but with the invasiveness of today's media, that's right near impossible.

It was an awesome and hilarious surprise, as long as you count out the gay pirate.  (A political disclaimer: I find nothing funny about homosexuals, considering what it is that defines them as such, and believe that comedy can be had equally or more funny while less uncomfortable without such characters written into the story.  I'm not on a witch-hunt, mind you, but I cannot write a review of this movie without the very least of saying my opinion.)  While slightly predictable in that you're sure the lead characters will hook up in the end, it was endowed with such a drive and surrounded with a self-aware humor that one couldn't  help but laugh. 

The attention to detail really struck me, too.  You can tell that they really spent time to polish this one up.  :)


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