Politics: A Response from Norm Coleman on Health Care

>> Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The government of America really upsets me.  If it weren't for the existence of Ron Paul, I'd probably be gone already.  I wrote to Norm Coleman, one of my Senators, complaining about how the federal government should not be involved in managing health care in this country.  This is something that according to the Constitution should be left to each individual state to manage.  The federal level shouldn't enter into the picture at all because it does not deal with inter-state commerce.

I've summarized what his letter says to me, and will post his response in full thereafter.


Thank you for writing to me.  I feel your pain.

Yes, our health care system is screwed up.  The government should do something, but I believe individuals should own and manage their own health insurance.

Government programs are still needed, and through these, we will redistribute wealth from those who have to those who need.  The federal government will be in charge, mandating the states' actions in "fixing" health insurance plans. 

In essence, I am working to put the government in control of all your options, but you can choose from these options.


Thank you for contacting me regarding the rising cost of healthcare in our nation and how it has impacted you and your family. I strongly share your concerns and I agree every American should have access to affordable, quality healthcare.

I believe significant changes are needed to make our health care system work. It is important to recognize that some of the best medical innovations and breakthroughs in the world come out of the US . However, I believe it is unacceptable that nearly 47 million Americans currently lack health insurance and for those who have it, continue to struggle with healthcare costs. I believe the federal government has a role in helping all Americans gain access to affordable, quality health insurance. That said , I believe individuals should own and manage their own health insurance.

Government should continue to care for the neediest through Medicare, Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Programs. For the rest of us, government should provide a health insurance tax credit and help folks buy into quality, affordable private health insurance plans - plans you and your family can keep even if your job changes.  The federal government should give tools to states to create a one-stop-shop to help people understand all of their insurance options and make good choices for their families.  States should also be given incentives to reorganize the private insurance market to create efficiencies and make sure no one is turned away.  The goal should be coverage for all without creating another federal government bureaucracy. I am currently working on a proposal to reach this goal

Please know that I am committed to work towards a healthcare system that will be more affordable and accessible to all.

Thank you once again for contacting me. I cannot express how important it is for me to listen to and find solutions for Minnesota families and individuals. I am grateful for your advice and I look forward to hearing from you in the future on this important issue.

Norm Coleman
United States Senate


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