Ron Paul is the ONLY common sense candidate

>> Thursday, November 01, 2007

Well, I see I missed my reminder to post this last night, but better late than never. I've gotten a couple of replies to my "Do you know who Ron Paul is" question on Facebook -- all NO's, which really surprised me. He's a Republican candidate who is taking the internet by storm. Any time I've watched a conversation between candidates, he is the ONLY one who answers the question asked, and he does it in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner.

ANYWAY, two nights ago he was even on the Tonight Show. You just really have to watch this. I truly CANNOT understand why someone wouldn't like him.

From Wikipedia: Paul claims the most YouTube views of all presidential candidates, over 4.4 million, [147] and the most subscriptions of all candidates, having surpassed Barack Obama on May 20, 2007.


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