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>> Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jumping straight to the goods, after this disclaimer: Use Firefox, it's got the ability to make browsing what it should be.
  • Absolutely use Adblock Plus!
    • This makes ALL of your internet surfing practically AD-FREE. Seriously.
    • Once installed, also make sure to add "http://**" (without the quotes) to the blacklist - this denies the tracking by Beacon (even if they do re-enable it. I understand they turned it off after all the hullabaloo) This is adapted from the Idea Beacon blog.
  • Get the Boost plugin for Firefox .
    • Auto-login (read the note for the Toolbar Auto-login!)
    • Quick-zoom rollovers for all Pics
    • Easier (lazy! Yes!) Pokes
    • Download photo albums, stylish/Ajax album view
    • Skins
    • Hide All Ads (It almost works 100% - see Greasemonkey note below)
    • Pop-up notifications for many useful things
    • Side-bar of friends' status changes
  • 8hands – standalone social network unifier
    • Displays update alerts from multiple social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, etc.
    • Note that this is alpha state software. I've noticed that it crashes sometimes - not often - and I've seen some other odd quirks here & there, but nothing really horrible. I think the worst is that it's not memory-optimized yet. But it still only takes up 10-20 meg, I think.
  • TwitterSync (Facebook app)
    • Monitors your Twitter status (recommended to set it as Public) and syncs your Facebook status when Twitter changes.


Donald Overlander 10:09 AM  

Aside from the fact that I must be the only person alive who can >routinely< crash Firefox... :).

And that Firefox only makes browsing "what it should be" after about 45 minutes of customization...

..and it still can't render CSS worth a darn...

I suppose its a decent browser... ;)

Winkyboy 10:39 AM  

Yeah, I don't know why your Firefox crashes as it does.

I'll give you that customization DOES take a while. However, extensive customization in Firefox compared to (practically) NO customization of IE is why Firefox is absolutely better.

ANnnd, I'm gonna have to just disagree with you about its rendering of CSS (with the exception of the div-padding being included in the with of any div)


Donald Overlander 2:51 PM  

For the record (heh - i have to):
FF Does not STOP rendering 'float' positioning when it leaves a containing element. You have to add a "clear:both" to the NEXT container in the document...

FF Does not handle centering divs well.
<DIV style="text-align:center">
<DIV style="text-align:left"/>

Instead you have to tell it to "margin:auto" on the containing DIV element...

And float:left, followed by a float:right, and a float:none.... does NOT result in three elements all on the same 'line', you have to float:left everything.

Winkyboy 3:01 PM  

And you can't blame me for posting that that's the purpose of clear:both

Note, I usually stick an empty div with clear:both specified on it after all my floated divs are done.

But props to the centering issue. That's whack.

And - now I understand what you meant with the final float issue - but that's a problem with CSS, not Firefox. Actually - wait. I just tested it and float:left, float:right, float:none DOES work in both browsers that way... Weird. I think the issues must come into play when widths and overlapping happen to interfere with each other.

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