Health: Sugar used in processing

>> Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Did you know that sugar is used in a vast majority of the processed
foods you buy today? It's rather conspiratory if you imagine that food
processors might be related in any way to pharmaceuticals or genetic
engineers. It's bad enough just think about the capitalistic approach
that processors take in order to sell their products.

Many meat packers feed sugar to animals prior to slaughter to improve
the flavor and color of the meat.

Sugar is often added to restaurant hamburgers to reduce shrinkage.

Sugar is found in such unlikely items such as boullion cubes and dry
roasted nuts.

Almost half of the calories in commercial ketchup somes from sugar.

Over 90% of the calories in a can of cranberry sauce come from sugar.

The average person eats over TEN POUNDS of sugar each month.


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