Politics: SWAT Team Necessary Because Man Is a "Self-Proclaimed Constitutionalist"

>> Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Reason Magazine - SWAT Team Necessary Because Man Is a "Self-Proclaimed Constitutionalist"


Should I pose a comparison between presidents and the common people? It's rather chilling that after Clinton I read about children experimenting with oral sex because the President had done it - so what's the big deal? Now after seven years of Bush, we have SWAT teams being called in for minor medical examinations.

Okay, so I jest a little, but it is still cold in here. This all makes me recall some Orwellian future predictions that Heinlein wrote in his book, Friday, that the ultimate sign of the end of a society is that the people lose common courtesy for one another.

I haven't researched to find if that has any actual historical backing, but it certainly would make sense, as trust is implicit in a society that is friendly toward one another. In good, healthy societies you understand the people around you, you like them, and you want to do things to help them. I won't go all preacher on you and take ten paragraphs now to explain that that is how proper Christianity is supposed to be, but there it is anyway: People love one another in a proper society.

* National police during a normal parade. In the USA an armor tank during a parade would be unusual, but in most countries it's normal. - tinou bao


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