Bible: John 1:14; not what you thought

>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Most people point to this to "prove" that Jesus (Yashua) was together with our God (YHWH) before the world was created, but if you really read it properly, that's not what it says, is it? It says that the Word was embodied in flesh, but that does not necessarily mean that said flesh and the Word are literally the same. Think of Jesus as an avatar for the Word, and that, I believe, is a more accurate description of what's going on here. Not only does that make sense, but it also works properly with the concept of a SINGLE God, not a "triune" god. There are numerous references of our God saying that there is no other god than Him, as well as other references about His son specifically not being equal to Him. To believe in a "trinity" you have to disregard far too many verses.


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