Health: IntraMax - Organic Liquid Vitamins

>> Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've tried this stuff. I believe it's the best liquid vitamin you'll be able to find out there, however at $80 per bottle, it's kinda off the scale of affordability. This is the only liquid vitamin that has really tasted good, for what that's worth. Usually you have to just get used to the taste, but I recall this was good. Global Healing Center also gets the thumbs-up from NaturalNews, a site I well respect.

Alternatively, there's the Peter Gillham brand ( They're pretty good but I did once react to the niacin (vitamin B3) in there. That could happen to anyone with any vitamin mix, though. The taste is okay, and I feel good about the quality. Incidentally, that CALM product they sell here is awesome. It's essentially magnesium, of course, but it WORKS.

Finally, we often buy the Buried Treasure brand, and we get it from VitaCost ( It's a good price, generally good quality, and tolerable taste.

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