Taxes or theft?

>> Monday, February 02, 2009

A little something I read today:

[ If any random person came to your door and demanded five thousand dollars so he could use it for his own purposes (say, giving it to poor people), you'd probably consider him to be a lunatic. If he drew a gun and threatened you, you'd consider him a dangerous lunatic thief. The only difference between this person and an IRS agent is that we don't scream "thief!" when an IRS agent does the exact same thing, because, through indoctrination, takeover of many parts of society and sheer threats of force, government is given more legitimacy than a common thief. ]

Government is stepping farther and farther outside of its bounds every single day. Just because a charming, new voice has stepped up to the microphone doesn't mean anything has changed. Power corrupts - never forget that.

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